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Braces 101

In order to align your teeth and correct your bite, dental braces must be used to help move your teeth to the correct position. Braces, along with other orthodontic devices, are used often to correct various types of malocclusions, such as crooked teeth, overbites, underbites, cross bites and other problems with your teeth or jaw.

Although braces serve a cosmetic function by aligning crooked teeth, braces also help to correct the structure of your mouth, which will ultimately contribute to your overall oral health. When your teeth are properly aligned and your bite is correct, it will be easier to floss, brush and avoid future problems with your temporomadibular joint or TMJ.

Today, braces have come a long way. There are currently various options available and are much smaller and effective in treating orthodontic problems than they were years ago. Traditional metal braces, ceramic braces and invisible aligners are some of the most popular options for today’s orthodontic patient. For more information on which option is best for your needs, lifestyle and preference, contact our office.

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